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Five new formats and five new series: The Legend topbills Global Agency’s #MIPTV slate
 30 Mar 2016
Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, talks about his expectations for this year’s MIPTV. CEETV’s Yako Molhov has the questions.

CEETV: Izzet, MIPTV is fast approaching. What are your expectations for the market this year?

IP: For me MIPTV is the second most important market in the industry. Even though it has less participants compared to MIPCOM, it is a very efficient one. All the key buyers attend this market so it has been always fruitful for me. I hope it will be a good one for the whole industry.

CEETV: What are your highlights for the event, both in terms of scripted and non-scripted? Your main new format is The Legend. Is there still a strong demand for talent formats and what is the main strength of your new project compared to already established talent projects?

IP: I strongly believe in our new format. It has brand new twists that a talent format needed. This time the control is in the singers’ hand rather than the audience and jury.

It has a very smart game play which I believe will attract many buyers. In total we are launching 5 new formats and 5 new series. It is quite a good number of new content. We will also relaunch a couple of shows which just went on air and have new footage to show.

CEETV: Global Agency is known for the lavish parties during market events. What have you prepared for this year’s MIPTV?

IP: We are doing a private event this year in June in Bodrum called Global Agency Screenings & Hangover. It’s 3 nights 4 days event. We will have 3 parties during our event therefore we decided not to organize a party at MIPTV.

At Global Agency, we aim to entertain our clients besides having a strong business collaboration therefore parties has been important for us.

CEETV: Your company is very active in marketing during events like MIPTV. How are you promoting your latest titles this year?

IP: Once again you will see us everywhere. Especially for The Legend, we planned a huge campaign which consists of 23 different marketing campaigns. From Billboards to banners, magazine ads to special commercials, we will be everywhere.

CEETV: About a year ago, in an interview for CEETV, you told us that broadcasters would be more successful if they begin to take risks and do more paper formats. Has this changed in the past one year? What are your newest paper formats that you would recommend to buyers?

IP: The buyers are still trying to stay away from risks therefore selling paper formats is still difficult but if they are good enough you have a chance.

Our new format Pick-n-Run will be one of our highlights. It’s a quiz show mixed with gameshow elements. It’s a lot of fun. We have great confidence in it.

CEETV: Do you fear that the recent events, i.e. the bombings in Turkey, the conflict with Russia; etc. can lead to a decrease in the interest in Turkish drama in Europe? Turkish tourism is suffering a big blow. What about the TV industry?

IP: As long as the Turkish TV market can come up with good content, our export revenues would increase every year. 2015 was a great year and I expect a 20 percent rise in 2016.

CEETV: The trailer for the US version of Game of Silence is out. Have you watched it and what is your opinion and expectation for the series?

IP: It is a great trailer. It made me very excited. This is the first Turkish drama which will be adapted in the US. I am proud of this sale. I believe we would have French and German remakes next year.

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