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Globo looking to expand its CEE presence during #MIPTV
 01 Apr 2016
In an exclusive interview, Raphael Corrêa Netto, Executive Director of International Business at Globo, tells CEETV’s Yako Molhov which are the company’s highlights for this year’s MIPTV and what goals has Globo set for the CEE region.

CEETV: MIPTV is a few days away. What are Globo's main highlights for this year's edition?

RCN: MIPTV is one of the most important events in the industry and a strategic opportunity to showcase our 2016 catalog for the European market. This year, we will launch two miniseries firsthand at the market, very high quality content, which were successful in Brazil and have all the elements to delight people all around the world. The first is Dangerous Liaisons, inspired by the French classic Les Liaisons Dangereuses, which stands out for the quality of film production and postproduction in 4K. The other is Alemão, a thrilling fiction story about five undercover police officers in a violent area of Rio de Janeiro who will fight to survive after being discovered by the main local dealer, and exactly 48 hours before the biggest police operation in the country.

In addition to these, we will also present Supermax, our first original production geared to the international market. The series is a suspense thriller with a strong psychological, existentialist horror atmosphere, with artistic direction by Argentine filmmaker Daniel Burman. Shooting is expected to start in April, Globo Studios.

We will also bring to Cannes our catalog with six telenovelas, two miniseries, and four new movies, produced by Globo Filmes. Stories told in a unique way that were approved by the demanding Brazilian audience. In addition to the dancing Boogie Oogie, which takes place in the disco era, I highlight among our products the thriller Rules of the Game, a telenovela by the same author of Brazil Avenue and that came to an end, in Brazil, on March 11, having reached 42 million viewers; and the sensitive Parts of Me, about a lonely man who donates sperm in youth and years later finds himself the father of seven children.

CEETV: Tell us more about Supermax.

RCN: Supermax’ is based on the argument of an original series by Globo that is expected to premiere in Brazil in the second half of this year. It is a story of suspense and drama that mixes reality show and fiction in an unprecedented way. With executive production by Globo and in development by Oficina Burman, the adaptation for the Latin American and Hispanic audiences is signed by Daniel Burman, who was especially invited to lead the artistic creation and to pick international talents for the cast, such as Spaniard Santiago Segura and Argentine Cecilia Roth. This is a unique opportunity, in which we were able to unite talents from all over the world at Globo Studios, the biggest entertainment production center in Latin America. The result will be impressive and extremely engaging.

CEETV: Have you other, similar projects in the pipeline?

RCN: There are currently no plans for new original productions. We will start this movement in the Hispanic market, expanding our business front and communicating to the market what we always talk about and demonstrate with our products: Globo follows the movements of society, has huge potential due to its talents and production capacity, and is always open and willing to establish new partnerships. If we see good opportunities in other markets, with companies from other countries, why not? Globo has all the expertise and ability to go on.

CEETV: What are your goals for the market? Have you negotiated deals for your newest content prior to the market and are you expecting to close many deals during and shortly after MIPTV?

RCN: MIPTV is a very important to meet former partners and make new contacts. We will showcase our content to the market, our releases, which have great appeal to a variety of audiences, from all countries. We launched our international licensing catalog in January, at Natpe, and since then we have already closed many deals, especially in Latin America, market on which the Miami fair focuses. Boogie Oogie has recently premiered in Chile; Forever and Ever in the Dominican Republic; and Ambitious Women in Uruguay. Now, our content will delight European market executives and, soon, we believe that audiences throughout the territory.

CEETV: What are your best-selling titles in CEE and what are your latest deals in the region?

RCN: Our best-selling titles in the region are The Clone, Shades of Sin, and Brazil Avenue. Globo has been solidifying its presence in the region with important deals such as Brazil Avenue in Russia, Romania and Greece; Caribbean Flower also in Romania; Precious Pearl in Ukraine; and our constant presence in Armenia, where we have sold several titles over the last four years. In addition, we are betting heavily on titles from this year’s catalog, in particular Rules of the Game and Parts of Me.

CEETV: What is your strategy for CEE, which countries are the most important ones for you in the region and where do you want to expand your presence?

RCN: Our strategy is to further existing partnerships in key markets, such as Russia/CIS, Greece, Armenia, Romania, Croatia, and Hungary. In addition, we seek to expand our presence throughout the CEE region, especially in high-potential markets like the Czech Republic and Poland.

CEETV: In the past several years Turkish telenovelas have became very popular not only in CEE but on a global scale. Did you see a lower demand for Latin American telenovelas and does this trend continue?

RCN: We have a captive audience around the world and we have seen our business boom in all territories. Competition is part of any business. It encourages the different companies that make up a market to seek continuous improvement, investing in ways to evolve and stand out. At Globo, we rely on different creative forces in the industry, from exceptional professionals like writers, actors, and producers, to investment in new technologies and everything that contributes for us to go on telling unique stories that excite and amaze people. Always.

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