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Slovakia adopts commercial HbbTV when launched by Markíza Group
 06 Dec 2017
Interactive commercial advertising via HbbTV technology has been fully employed on the Slovakia television market by Markiza Group, Hybrid Company announced in a press release. The CME-owned net has already included HbbTV advertising in its business politics. Markíza employs identical commercial formats as in neighboring Czech. Markíza teamed up with Hybrid Company, based in Prague, Czech, that specializes on HbbTV monetization and is considered a pioneer amongst CEE region.

Markíza Group starts to make use of HbbTV's high commercial potential by employing Hybrid Ads service on its three channels Markíza, Dajto and Doma. Historically, the largest commercial TV group had employed HbbTV back in 2016 and up today provides services such as video archive, news, games and others free of charge. Now, Markíza opens HbbTV to commercial advertisers by offering 7 commercial ad types and several targeting methods.

"The newest TV digital trends has been unfolded to the Slovakia TV market that has a great opportunity to exploit HbbTV fantastic potential. Our goal, as in Czech, is to effectively capitalize this premium digital area from long-range perspective in favor of whole TV market. Broadcaster, advertisers and of course viewers," introduces Lukáš Hnilička, Hybrid Company CEO.  

„We perceive HbbTV as an extension to our current TV services and as a TV in online environment. In comparison to mobile and desktop, there is critical quality of its screen size. I also foresee viewers' lower ad resistance on HbbTV platform," states Juraj Máťuš, head of commercial department Markíza.

All Ad formats remains the same as in the Czech Republic while using business model based on price per CPT/CPM. HbbTV campaigns are reportedly known for its high performance when standard Click-Thru-Rate (CTR) moves in between 2-4%. So far, in the Czech more than 180 were executed this year and presents 220% year-to-year increase. Except from private deals that being executed by Markíza's online sales department, the programmatic buying via DSP Adform is also supported.

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