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MK-Distribution announces fresh deals
 24 Jan 2018
MK-Distribution (part of MK Media Group, Ukraine) has finalized a range of deals with European TV channels in 2017. Now, audiences in Italy, Germany, Belarus and Russia have an opportunity to watch programs about technology, culture and cuisine.

Rai 3 (Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.A.) has acquired a program about travelling titled Spirit Of The Place (14x13 min). The show is a dialog-less cycle that shares the atmosphere and spirit of different corners of the world: Indonesia, Cambodia, Bolivia, China, Ecuador, India, and other. Earlier, Rai3 signed a deal for documentary Antarctica (joint production of Paganel Studio and Meet Minds Studio).

At the end of the year, MK Media Group announced that production of the new edutainment cycle Materials For Life (26x7 min) was completed by Studio Meet Minds, which specializes in this type of programs. Russian holding 1TVCH acquired Materials For Life for Eureka HD.

RT VD (includes two Russian-language channels TeleDom/TeleBom and Nash KinoMir in Germany) acquired cable rights for programs of various topics. One of them is Cult Collection (50x3 min), which gives an insight into the world of auto classics and armored vehicles. Other pieces of content included Tasty Morning (150x3 min), Simple&Delicious (101x3 min), Paintings of the World (100x3 min). Children’s channel TeleBom will bring joy to kids with animated encyclopedia in different languages Multipedia (17x5 min), and The Tales (48x5 min) with funny and learning stories.

MTIS Belarus will fill the between-the-program air with Tasty Morning (150x3 min) and Tea Mood (50x2).

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