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MK Media Group launches co-production program for TV and digital content and looks for partners
 13 Feb 2018
MK Media Group announced that it has launched a new program for producing TV and digital content and has reached out to potential partners.

An announcement on the website of the company reads: “Projects we are looking for partners for are divided into 2 areas:

1. TV projects (an average of 26 episodes x 7-15 min). Examples of what has already been completed and sold: Mouse Science (13 x 11 min), Materials for Life (26 x 7 min), InfoToy (26 x 7 min), in co-production Who’s there? (12 x 7 min).
2. Digital projects (100 episodes х 3 min): Carving Day (100 x 3 min), Paintings of the World (100 х 3 min), in co-production Tasty Morning (100 x 3 min)

The process of cooperation with MeetMinds Studio is as follows:
We select several ideas for the future project. MeetMinds Studio analyzes them and launches one that has the greatest potential for sale. Together we create the Business Process (BP) of the project with a clearly defined concept, timing and budget estimate. Our partner does pre-production and production of one pilot episode if it is a TV project or 2-5 episodes for Digital. We are actively involved at this stage: we look at the development and draft options, make adjustments to guide the production in the right direction. Next, the partner sends the pilot to post-production in MeetMinds Studio. At this stage, we sign the contract. The finished first episodes are sent for pre-sale to the sales department of MK-Distribution. We need about a month for preliminary negotiations with prospective clients. If the project has successfully passed the pre-sale stage, we start producing the whole series. By joint concerted efforts, we form a BP for the whole project. Again, our partner does pre-production and production of the whole project, MeetMinds Studio makes post production and sells it to the whole world.”

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