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STB and UA: Pershy summarize Eurovision Song Contest cooperation
 17 May 2018
In 2015, STB and UA: Pershy (Ukraine’s pubcaster) signed a three-year memorandum on cooperating for the National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Now the management of both broadcasters have presented the results of their cooperation.  

The main task posed by Zurab Alasania and Volodymyr Borodyansky was to make a choice of a representative from Ukraine qualitatively different: a public, transparent, clear-cut viewer system of voting and a spectacular representation before Europe.  

In addition, at the start STB announced that it undertakes not only all the costs of organizing and conducting direct broadcasters of the National Selection, but will also provide financial support to future winners. That meant not a conventional fixed amount, detached from reality, but a full training process (arranging the songs scenography, props, paying for director and stylist, special effects, etc.) As well as flights and accommodation of the artist and their crew. In 2016 about 1.5 million hryvnias were spent on the preparation and visit of Jamala to Stockholm by the TV channel; this year, the amount of STB's expenses for the preparation and travel of Melovin was 2.3 million hryvnias.

The first year of cooperation between STB and UA: Pershy became triumphant: Jamala brought Eurovision to Ukraine, National selection turned into the main music event of the year, and interest in the broadcast of the main Eurovision event in 2016 has grown more than 4 times, and already three years stably keeps the audience and is highly appreciated by experts.

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