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New Helio iTV comes to viewers in Latvia
 03 Jul 2018
Lattelecom offers the new Helio interactive television service to TV viewers in Latvia, starting a transition of its clients from its previous Interactive TV service to the new platform. Helio iTV is available not only TVs, but also on mobile devices, with content suggestions and additional functions offered for each user profile. The first viewers will already notice changes on the screens today, while the remaining Interactive TV viewers will be gradually switched over to Helio iTV during the coming months.

"Today’s viewers expect the world of entertainment to be within arm’s reach, to be intuitive and understanding of what interests specifically them. Though it might seem that watching television is not that relevant for the younger generations of viewers, we are aware of the fact that modern and convenient functions can give a second wind to the TV screens. Helio iTV offers a better viewing experience by combining traditional and online television, making it possible to watch what we want, when we want and where we want," the head of the Entertainment and communication service division at Lattelecom, Inga Alika-Stroda said.

With the large number of clients that Lattelecom’s Interactive TV has, the transition to Helio iTV will take place gradually: a few thousands of clients will be switched over every week, all new TV viewers will use it.

Initially, Helio iTV will be available on TVs, smartphones and tablets; desktop computers will be added later, connecting the content throughout the platforms. It will be possible not only to watch content on small screen devices, but also to manage it: scheduling recordings, marking favorite shows and movies to watch later.

Helio iTV makes it possible to choose content in the mobile device and to transfer it onto the TV screen with just one tap. This means that content can be managed remotely; for example, if you are at work or travelling in public transport, you can choose a movie or a cartoon for your grandparents or child to watch on your home TV.

For those viewers who have accepted this option, the Helio iTV algorithm will use the movies and series they have watched to recommend similar content that matches the genre in question. Helio iTV makes it possible to create multiple user profiles, so that everybody can find the content they like quicker and easier. Individual profiles can be created on the TV, plus a profile is created for each mobile device attached. It is thus possible to separate recommendations according to the interests of each family member: the children will have their own recommended content, and the grandparents, as well as the sports fans or those who love TV series will have their own.

Formerly, it was only possible to choose one language for all channels, or to set it for specific episodes; Helio iTV enables selecting the language for every TV channel: this selection will be saved, and will be taken into account in the recordings and the archive.

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