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CEE Screenings 2018 presents Bitches
 03 Oct 2018
CEE Screenings 2018 presents today the Estonian crime drama Bitches. The series was one of the big hits on TV3 during the spring season. It was created as a special project for the 100th anniversary of the Independence of Estonia. The drama with slight elements of humor traces the events that took place in Estonia when the Nazi occupation was replaced by the Soviet occupation through the adventures of several free-minded women running a high-class brothel.

Go to http://pitchplay.tv/ceescreenings/5 to screen the show

The series is based on Mart Sander's best-selling novel of the same name. Bitches is set in an old villa, where revolutionary and well-known historical events, love, power, intrigues and fate unfold through the eyes of hookers. The first season of the series takes place during 1939-1940. All Germans living abroad have just been called to return to Germany. Consequently, in many countries real estate belonging to wealthy Germans is being sold on a massive scale and for a relatively cheap price. One of the luxurious houses is bought by the protagonist of the series, Mrs. Kukk, alias Madame Brigitte. She is the owner of a brothel providing services for upper class men. Mrs. Kukk and five beautiful young women move into the suburban villa. Well-known politicians, rich businessmen and foreign diplomats soon find their way to the new establishment. High-ranking Russian officers and Stalin's emissaries start visiting the brothel while locals and Western diplomats still go there as well. In addition to offering quick love, the old villa suddenly becomes a place for forming history and political intrigues.

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