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CEE Screenings 2018 presents On the Edge
 10 Oct 2018
CEE Screenings 2018 presents today Russian terrorist drama On the Edge. The series will be one of the biggest premieres on leading net Rossiya 1 during the fall/winter TV season. The thrilling production shows the brutal reality surrounding terrorist organizations in the Middle East as three women from Russia try to escape from the Islamists and return home.

Go to http://pitchplay.tv/ceescreenings/11 to screen the show

On the Edge is based on real events and depicts how innocent people are recruited and become living weapons in the hands of militants. The original drama was produced by Russkoe.

A student of a prestigious Moscow university, Lena grew up in a happy well-to-do family. One day she learns about her fiancé's infidelity and then that her own father has a mistress as well. Deeply shocked by this double betrayal, Lena becomes an easy prey for the recruiter Ruslan who quickly conquers her heart. To marry him she converts to Islam and goes to his homeland, while her father desperately rushes to look for his daughter. The traces lead him to the Caliphate... The provincial beauty Katya also falls under influence of Ruslan, whom she met online. The persistent suitor convinces the girl to come visit him in Turkey. The third girl, Amina, is a widow of a militant with a small son. She was constantly harassed by her fellow villagers and finally decided to leave for Syria, where her beloved husband died. Now in Syria, in the territory of the Caliphate, the women are prisoners of the militants and each of them has her own mission to complete. For the sake of a chance to return to their homeland, they will risk their lives with weapons in their hands.

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