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Nova TV wins Digiday Award for best use of the social networks
 21 Nov 2018
At the prestigious Digiday Awards ceremony held in New York last Wednesday, Nova TV Croatia won the award in the category Best Use of Social for the show Your Face Sounds Familiar on the social networks. Apart from Nova, for their place in the finals fought the extremely strong campaigns of world-famous media and advertisers from the likes of E! Entertainment, Adidas and Burger King TV.

The channel got the award for showing how the innovative use of the social networks has achieved remarkable results by promoting a format that has gained a huge popularity over the past 5 years. Nova TV's Digital TV Department has designed a whole range of formats that have never been used on Instagram and launched the certified Giphy channel with 47.5 million views, thus achieving results better than those of the British version of the show. It has also seen a 70% increase in the number of YouTube subscribers throughout the past season, gathering 28 million views on the social networks and 200.000 Facebook and 40.000 Instagram followers.

'I am very proud of the whole digital marketing team, this really came as 'an icing on the cake' after more than 10 finals at various international competitions we got to this year. This is a big, prestigious award, which is even more important than the category we were nominated in. In fact, Best Use of Social is a category, which is probably the most applicable to companies and agencies competing in digital contests as there's literally no company that doesn't use the social networks as opposed to, for example, the AI technology or Social Good campaigns, which were also included in some of the categories in this competition. 'Best Use of Social' does not imply an individual social network but all social media networks, so one could only guess how fierce the competition is here,' said Ivana Galić Baksa, Marketing Director, PR and Corporate Communications of Nova TV.

The Digiday Awards ceremony is one of the most prestigious international award ceremonies based in New York, which every year honors the best campaigns and projects in the marketing and media field on a global scale.

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