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Direct Media becomes Ascanius Media in BiH, Croatia and Slovenia
 30 Nov 2018
The ad agencies that have been operating within the Direct Media system in the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia have changed their name to Ascanius Media, Media Marketing reports.

Ascanius Media Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ascanius Media Croatia and Ascanius Media Slovenia continue to operate under a new name, as part of a new business strategy.

The focus of their operations will be to strengthen the links between the region’s markets, as well as to strengthen the offices themselves and regional relations, and to pool the knowledge and experience with the aim of providing customers with even better quality communication and media services.

Apart from the new name and new corporate identity, the headquarters of the offices, management and staff remain the same, and they continue to be committed to their clients, to development of advanced services and the markets in which they operate.

The agencies of Ascanius Media in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia will also act as affiliates of Direct Media in these markets.

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