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TV Klan buys two MADD hits #MIPTV
 11 Apr 2019
Madd Entertainment announced yesterday that TV Klan in Albania has acquired two of their hit series - My Little Girl and Crash.

Albert Dumani, Head of Programming and Acquisitions of TV Klan commented on My Little Girl: “The child actor is really lovely and extraordinary talent. She is popular in Albania when I showed Anne on TV Klan, so since this is the second series of here, I believe she will be the best. I loved the drama and the humor of the relation between a father and his daughter. Their chemistry is really nice to be seen in TV.”

He was also pleased with the acquisition of Crash: “I have taken almost all Ay Yapim series as the most successful production company in Turkey, and all the TV series with the star Kivanc Tatlitug, so I could not miss this one too. Happy to have this premium title in my channel TV Klan.”

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