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Ukrainian Glowberry and Spanish Studio Anima prep preschool series
 15 May 2019
In May, Glowberry creative production together with Spanish partners – Anima Studio – start the production process of the animated series for preschoolers Brave Bunnies. It is based on the story of a family of Brave Bunnies, who went on a journey around the world to find new friends. In each episode they meet a new character and find a way to become friends with him.

The big idea of the series is to show children the diversity of the world, to teach to accept the specific features of others and find a common language even with those who are different from you. Using the example of Brave Bunnies and their friends, parents can explain how to interact with other children in the kindergarten or on the playground. While creating the plot of each episode, the scriptwriters group consults child psychologists and takes into account sensitive periods and interests based on age.

The author of the idea and creative producer is Olga Cherepanova. The artistic style and the entire visual part were created by the famous Ukrainian Illustrator Anna Sarvira. The animated series will consist of 52 episodes, each of 6 minutes and will be ready by the end of 2020.

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