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‘Putin’ gets own talkshow on BBC Two
 22 May 2019
BBC Two in the UK has announced the launch of a pilot to a new talkshow, hosted by ‘Vladimir Putin’.

‘Everybody’s favorite bear-wrestling global strongman Vladimir Putin has finally achieved his ultimate goal - a chat-show on the BBC,’ the British pubcaster exclaimed, adding that ‘his soon to be world-famous chat show marks the ultimate victory for Vlad, leader of the free world.’

Tonight With Vladimir Putin will be a semi-scripted comedy chat-show format - with a significant twist. In a television first, ground-breaking live VFX, created using performance capture technology, developed by creative studio Framestore, enables a 3D digital cartoon of Putin to walk around and sit behind the desk, interviewing real human guests in front of a studio audience, all in real-time.

Created by Jasper Gibson (The Poke), Joel Veitch (Rathergood.com) and Simon Whalley (Framestore), Tonight With Vladimir Putin (2x12’) was produced by Phil McIntyre Television and Framestore for BBC Two. Vladimir Putin is written and performed by Natt Tapley. The Commissioning Editor for the BBC is Rachel Ashdown and the Executive Producer for Phil McIntyre Television is Lucy Ansbro. Lindsay Jex is the Series Producer.

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