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Kanal D International sells Ruthless City in Romania
 11 Jul 2019
Kanal D International today announced the licensing of their new hit drama Ruthless City to Kanal D Romania.

“Ruthless City has gathered some of the most prominent directors, scriptwriters and producers that we know from previous hit Turkish dramas with great international success. The story is giving the audience a duality governed by the balance of light and darkness, within each of us. I believe, these humanly instincts and the strength of the story telling are some of the factors lying behind the success of the title. The production team has already started working on the second season in Antakya, where the story originally was born and we are excitedly waiting for the new season. We are happy to announce the sale of this hit drama to Kanal D Romania which is the first of many more in the whole region,” said Ekin Koyuncu, Kanal D International CEE Sales Executive.

“Our priority has always been to have different stories and unique content on our screen, we never prioritize the selection of the cast but prefer stories that will gain international success. “ Said Ilcnur Agop, Content Production Manager of Kanal D Romania.

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