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Al Jazeera Balkans Documentary Film Festival will start on September 20
 09 Sep 2019
The AJB DOC (Al Jazeera Balkans Documentary) Film Festival is an international documentary film festival organized by Al Jazeera Balkans in collaboration with the Al Jazeera Media Network and the Al Jazeera Media Institute in Doha and will be held in Sarajevo from September 20 to September 24. 'After the first AJB DOC Film Festival, which was quite a success, we are now entering a new phase where we need to get bigger and better on every level. We were fortunate, which, perhaps isn't accidental, that the winning film last year was nominated for an Oscar. This year, we plan to show 5 more films of BiH co-production and it is our great pleasure to create high-quality documentaries in our country. From the standpoint of tense and interesting stories, documentaries today can go hand in hand with feature films and also to have a note of educational aspect and raise awareness on a certain subject. I believe documentaries have the power to change the world and consciousness,' said Edhem Fočo, Director of the AJB DOC Film Festival. The director of Al Jazeera Balkans Tarik Đođić said that Sarajevo is becoming known for festivals and that organizing the first AJB DOC was both a challenge and pure adrenaline rush and that the second test was to reach last year's impact.

Shortly after the announcement of the invitation to participate in the second AJB DOC Film Festival, authors from all over the world responded and over 400 films from 21 countries were registered in the festival's database. The best films were selected, 12 for the competition, 5 feature films for non-competitive selection of the Last Minute Cinema and 6 - for the accompanying AJB Shows.

The specificity of the AJB DOC Film Festival lies in the fact that the documentaries have been prepared according to the global standards for TV broadcasting, i.e. they are of limited duration based on the particular format.

A total of 3 awards will be presented at this year's Festival. An international jury made up of 5 members will select the best films from the festival's selection and receive the AJB Main Award and all nominated films will also enter the competition before the Al Jazeera Balkans Program Jury, which awards the AJB Program Award. All films screened at the Festival will also be selected for the Award of the Audience.

The members of the international jury are acknowledged and experienced experts in the domain of documentary expression: Ademir Kenović from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Thierry Detaille from Belgium, Victoria Bruce from the United States, Ivan Pauer from the Czech Republic and Adel Ksiksi (Al Jazeera Documentary Channel).

All screenings will be held at the Cinema City Multiplex between September 20 and September 24 and information on the films and screening details will be available online at the Festival's website.

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