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CEE Screenings 2019 presents Redl
 10 Oct 2019
Today, we invite you to screen the new Czech crime series Redl. The 4-part period thrilling miniseries was among the biggest premieres on public channel CT1 in fall 2018.

The series can be screened at http://pitchplay.tv/ceescreenings/19


A four-part miniseries uncovering the criminal background of a strange story of organized crime in post-revolution Czechoslovakia. Two young students are testing out the new railway tracking system. They discover that certain Soviet cars are inexplicably disappearing on their way east. Both young men decide to get to the bottom of it. Several days later one of them turns up dead and the other is likely on the run. Military prosecutor Lieutenant Roman Redl tries to figure out on his own what the reason for the murder was and how far up the strings go of this crime that might stretch beyond the borders of Czechoslovakia somewhere far to the east.

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