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Inter Medya scores big with Bitter Lands in Romania
 11 Feb 2020
Bitter Lands, the successful drama from Turkish producers TIMS&B Productions, has premiered to a huge audience on Kanal D in Romania, Inter Medya reports. The series’ latest episode was watched by 2 million viewers, achieving a market share of 21,8% and topping the primetime charts.

The series has been sold to 28 territories worldwide and has proved massively popular, scoring huge ratings across the globe. Its recent launch on Imagen TV in Mexico on February 3 proves that further as the first episode got immaculate results as well.

“Bitter Lands is truly a very strong title with worldwide appeal, as reflected by these latest wide-ranging international deals,” says Can Okan, Founder and CEO of Inter Medya. “It exhibits all the classic hallmarks of Turkish Drama, with a heartbreaking romance at its core, family conflicts, and a highly talented cast.”

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