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Global Agency and Inter Medya announce new deals
 27 May 2020
After first hitting screens in Greece, Spain and Israel, the romantic drama Daydreamer will be screened by one of Italy’s Mediaset Group channels very soon, Global Agency announced.

The latest sales for the drama have also been closed in Latvia, Bosnia, North Macedonia and Georgia. With these countries, the drama will be aired in 22 countries in various regions.

Izzet Pinto, Founder & CEO of Global Agency, said: “Recently sales of our hit romcom Daydreamer have increased a lot. In these difficult days we are in, romcom series like Daydreamer will be very good for the viewers’ souls. Daydreamer achieves high ratings and actors in the series have large fan groups in all countries where it is broadcasted. We will continue to help our clients by providing good content.”

Inter Medya also announced three new deals for its popular drama Broken Wings in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Romania. With the addition of these three territories, the drama will be aired in close to 20 countries in various regions.

Broken Wings will be broadcast on Color Vision in the Dominican Republic, TC Mi Canal in Ecuador, and Kanal D Romania. The Turkish drama, which was recently sold in Argentina as well, premiered last week on Telefe and the first episode, to no one’s surprise, ranked on top of the ratings chart with 49.1 share and 10.2 ratings.

Excited to see Broken Wings added to the international programming of many more channels across the globe, Inter Medya also announced that there are a number of ongoing negotiations for the drama in several territories.

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