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Russian animated series Be-Be-Bears and Leo&Tig to be shown in MENA countries
 09 Jul 2020
Russian animated series Be-Be-Bears and Leo&Tig, produced by Parovoz animation studio for VGTRK and Digital Television Russia, will be available for the audience in MENA countries in November 2020.

Digital Television Russia company in cooperation with Nucleus Media Rights has signed the contract, distributing broadcasting rights for Leo&Tig TV series’ first season (26 episodes) and two seasons of Be-Be-Bears (104 episodes) to Spacetoon International.

Spacetoon’s audience will be able to enjoy the exciting adventures of little naughty bears, Bjorn and Bucky, as well as fascinating journeys of restless leopard Leo and his best friend Tig the Tiger.

This partnership gets beyond broadcasting on Spacetoon TV channel and its SVOD-Spacetoon Go, it also includes the support for running license campaign, promo events, promoting brand names and creating a brand awareness in MENA.

Spacetoon is the first kids’ and family TV channel in MENA. Viewers are due to see the first episodes of Russian animated series in November 2020. The broadcast range of Leo&Tig and Be-be-bears will be quite extensive, covering 22 countries in the Arab world.

Be-Be-Bears is a cartoon about the adventures of tireless amusing animals: a brown bear named Bucky, a polar bear named Bjorn and their friend named Littlefox. Bucky loves gadgets and gizmos, Bjorn likes nature, and Littlefox is a natural housekeeper. They teach little viewers to live in harmony with nature and develop a curiosity about the world around them. And, of course, it's about the power of friendship, which can help to overcome any obstacles.

Leo&Tig is a cartoon about the adventures of a small, restless leopard named Leo and his best friend Tig the tiger. Every day two little friends explore amazing environment of the Far East and learning new thing about the word around and know how to be friendly and kind, to help each other, and to respect nature. It is important to note that production of Leo&Tig is supported by Amur Tiger Center, established by Russian president.

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