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A host of prizes for RTL Hungary
 17 Sep 2020
The winners of the seventh Hungarian Television Critics’ Awards were announced across 12 categories. RTL Hungary received 18 nominations in 10 different categories and won seven awards, including Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Series, RTL Group reports.

The awards gala was to have been held in March, but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and was finally held on 10 September at the Budapest Music Center. RTL Hungary’s 18 nominations won seven awards: Best Actress: Móni Balsai (Underworld), Best Actor: Ervin Nagy (The Teacher), Best TV Show: The X Factor, Best Supporting Actor/Actress: Zsolt Anger (The Teacher), Best Series: Our Little Village Season 3, Best Reality: Shark Tank, Best Judge: ByeAlex (The X Factor)

RTL Hungary dominated the awards with these wins. In one category – Best Supporting Actor/Actress – every nominee was from RTL Hungary. In five other categories, two of the three nominees were from RTL Hungary.

The Hungarian Television Critics’ Awards jury is comprised of independent journalists. The awards were first presented in 2014. The nominees are selected for their performances rather than their ratings.

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