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CEE Screenings 2020 presents The New One
 19 Oct 2020
Today, we invite you to screen the Ukrainian teen drama The New One, produced by Film.UA for Novy. Following its launch, the series was sold to Amazon and was a major hit in the Ukrainian web.

Go to http://pitchplay.tv/ceescreenings/36 for the screening

Vera, a girl from a regular family, unwillingly gets into a private school where the children of rich and high-profile parents study. One of its students is Roman, son of the school founder and his ex-wife, head of the school’s parents’ committee and a well-known socialite.There is instant chemistry between Roman and Vera with emotions running high. Roman does not know that Vera has to spy on him to save her younger brother from prison. The private school is under suspicion as a venue of drug-dealing. The police want to uncover the criminals so they integrate Vera into the senior class as their deep cover agent. Vera will have to make a choice: either to betray Roman and hand him to the police to save her brother or to believe her boyfriend and protect him despite “cast-iron” evidence of his guilt.

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