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CEE Screenings 2020 presents Tiger Daddy
 28 Oct 2020
Today, we invite you to screen the Hungarian comedy series Tiger Daddy produced by Paprika Studios for RTL Klub. The show has been among the major hits on streaming service RTL Most+.

Go to http://pitchplay.tv/ceescreenings/37 for the screening

Peter (52), a single father of three, dedicated his life to raising his daughters as befits a fierce father. Now that Vivian (23), Laura (20) and Sandra (17) are about to leave the family home and start their independent lives with their partners, Peter also feels the winds of change. Following the motto ’fifty is the new thirty’, he also goes on the hunt for a new partner. On – and offline, on sea and dry land, in funny and awkward situations, he searches for the needle in a haystack persistently. He falls in love, he is let down, picks himself up, moves on, meets someone, dates, hopes… and his daughters, one by one, also move back to him, driven by their own broken hearts. Parallel to Peter’s, we also follow the girls’ love life. Vivian is visited by the spirit of exes past, Laura dates a priest, and Sandra starts a secret affair with his father’s friend. At the end of the season, Peter leads one of his daughters down the aisle. But whom? Vivian, torn between the present and the past? Laura, trying to choose between her love and her family? Or Sandra, with her daddy issues? And what happens to Peter? Will he resign to the common wisdom that it is impossible to find a partner over fifty? Or will he make the grave mistake of dating his ex-wife again? Or is he doomed to move on, meet people, date and hope for all eternity?


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