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NTV announces licensing deal with Olympusat
 19 Nov 2020
NTV Russia strengthens its position in the US and Latin American markets. Olympusat, one of the largest media holdings on these territories, has acquired the rights to six TV series and ten documentaries from NTV.

The package of the first deal includes detectives 99% Alive and The Consultant with Kirill Kyaro in the title role, the historical detective Gangs of Rostov about the confrontation between crime and the Soviet Criminal Investigation Department, an adventure series about the fire department Line of Fire and an action-packed thriller about the exploits of a former minesweeper Demolitionist. Also, the American distributor acquired the rights to NTV documentaries, including The Northern Sea Route, Pole of Longevity, Cortege and others.

Olympusat has bought the rights to show projects on the Internet, as well as to broadcast them on Pay TV in the United States and all Latin American countries. In particular, NTV projects will be available to subscribers of the new AVOD platform - Free TV, which was launched in May 2020. At the moment, the platform is available in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and other Latin American countries. The total subscriber base of the platform currently exceeds 1.1 million users, and the service is also available through the Roku set-top boxes, which overtakes the sales of set-top boxes from Apple, Google and Amazon. In the near future, the platform will also be available in the United States. As part of this deal, all acquired NTV projects will be dubbed into Spanish.

This is not NTV's first deal in the US and Latin America. In 2018, the series The Road to Calvary entered the Netflix library, becoming the first commercial deal of a Russian TV channel with one of the largest streaming services in the world. NTV series are also presented on the Amazon Prime Video platform. At the beginning of 2020, Encripta, one of the largest distributors in Brazil, acquired the rights to the series The Sacrificing, The OPERAtive, Five Minutes of Silence, Nevsky and Mukhtar.

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