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SFF organizes regional film festival
 05 Apr 2021
At the initiative of the Sarajevo Film Festival, for the first time, a 9-day online festival will bring together four leading film festivals from four countries in the same language area - the Sarajevo Film Festival (BiH), Zagreb's Film Festival (Croatia), the Author's Film Festival (Serbia) and the Film Festival Herceg Novi (Montenegro), klix.ba writes.

The regional festival will present films chosen by the jury of these four festivals. 'We invite the audience to meet some new, unique film voices at our joint festival, to re-discover eternal movie classics and to work together during the pandemic with the help of film art to restore the sense of community and closeness!', said the festival's organizers.

'Today, when we need to connect with each other more than ever before, we're happy to come together at the first regional film festival, in the network of festivals taking place in the Adriatic region. Festivals are normally a place for connection, gathering and sharing. Especially in these troubled times, they are key for the restoration of social capital, review of the existing film production models and the shaping of our common future. Festivals are places that allow people to decide together the direction they want to go in the future and to show that we're all part of the one and the same film community. Together, they could bring a special, new experience to the regional film festival,' according to the joint statement of the representatives of all four festivals.

The first edition of the regional film festival will present a program composed of films the audience doesn't normally have the chance to see. Its program consists of Yugoslav classics, film debuts, multiple award-winning films, the most interesting film titles from Europe and the world. In addition to film, the audience will also have the opportunity to watch conversations with some of the film-makers included in the program.

The festival's program will be available online April 9 - 17.

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