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Armoza’s Family Man returns for a second season in Russia
 10 Jun 2021
Hit series A Family Man is back with a second season of 16 episodes which recently premiered on TNT Russia.

A Family Man (32 x 30’) follows an ordinary man who has been trying to get his wife pregnant. And when that day finally comes, he is faced with some shocking news – not only is his wife pregnant but so is his mistress…and his one-night stand. Understandably shocked by the news, he decides that he will be there for them all and invites them to all live with him under one roof. To his surprise, the women form an unlikely friendship and move in together...without him. Can they really come together as one happy family?

After the events of the first season, the second season picks up with the long-waited arrival of the three new babies…from three different women. The very untraditional family must try to understand their new normal – no matter how absurd it really is.

The format and finished tapes are distributed by Armoza Formats, part of ITV Studios.

Avi Armoza, CEO at Armoza Formats: “With a compelling story that drew in Russian audiences during a successful first season, A Family Man offers a unique perspective into family life, in a very unconventional way. We can’t wait to see where this hit series will go next.”

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