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LNK donates TV equipment to Ukraine, starts charity campaign
 07 Mar 2022
LNK has reached out a helping hand to its colleagues in Ukraine, who have been affected by the war. Last Friday morning, the TV equipment donated by the television reached the Polish-Ukrainian border after a 10-hour trip.

LNK's employees delivered the equipment themselves to an emergency collection station at the border near Peremisli and made sure that it would reach their Ukrainian colleagues safely, according to a press statement.

One Ukrainian television, whose activities may stop at any time due to the continuous bombing of Kyiv, turned to LNK for help. LNK donated studio cameras, video and sound consoles and other professional equipment intended for the installation of a back-up TV station in Lviv in case it is forced to stop broadcasting from the capital and has to move to a safer location.

The LNK group of channels has provided assistance to Ukraine since the very onset of the war. As a permanent supporter of the Save the Children foundation (Gelbėkit Vaikus), LNK will organize a special concert in support of Ukraine on March 25 to raise money for the Ukrainian children that have been affected by the war. An intense fundraising campaign is also taking place on the group's channels, inviting the viewers to donate by sending SMS messages to the numbers: 1415 (€10) and 1486 (€3).

All of the money raised during the phone vote and 30% of the proceeds from the tickets sold to the finale of The Voice of Lithuania. Generations on March 11 will go to the Blue and Yelow Support Fund. The Ukrainian winner of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, Jamala, will also donate her roylaties to the fund. LNK has also started broadcasting a special daily news program to review the events in Ukraine, which is hosted by Rolandas Vilkončius and Viktor Yakovlev.

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