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Stefana Zdravkova is the new CEO of Nova Broadcasting Group
 13 May 2022
United Group, the leading provider of telecommunications and media services in Southeast Europe, today announced the appointment of Stefana Zdravkova as CEO of Nova Broadcasting Group, as of May 13, 2022.

Nova Broadcasting Group is the largest multiplatform media and technology company in Bulgaria and is part of the media division of United Group - United Media, which operates in 8 countries with 5 national TV channels, more than 50 pay TV programs, a successful digital portfolio of 28 web portal, 8 print media, including newspapers and magazines, as well as 5 radio stations.

Stefana's appointment will allow Dirk Gerkens, who has successfully managed the company as CEO since November 2021, to dedicate himself entirely to his work as Director of Programming, Production and Advertising Sales at United Media. He remains affiliated with Nova Broadcasting Group as Chairman of the Board.

As a leader in the digital transformation of the entire group over the past three years, Stefana has held the position of CEO of one of the leading media digital companies in Bulgaria - NetInfo. The continued growth of the main digital products abv.bg and nova.bg is among her numerous achievements. In addition, she has successfully developed and implemented an innovative strategy for sites with the intention to purchase, along with the introduction of new advertising products and sales partnerships. This distinguishes her as a key figure in the digital transformation of Nova Broadcasting Group.

A distinguished professional with deep knowledge of the media environment and a staunch supporter of innovation as a key driver of success, Stefana Zdravkova has proven experience in building and establishing excellent teams - an important element for competing corporations in today's rapidly changing global market. She has always worked for the most innovative companies in their respective fields. Prior to joining Net Info, she was Director of eMAG for Bulgaria from 2016 to December 2018. Her professional background also includes managerial positions in large multinational companies such as XEROX, Siemens Mobile, Logitech & Toshiba Europe.

"We welcome Stefana in her new role, taking into account her contribution so far to achieving the company's goals. I am confident that in the ever-changing digital world, Stefana's expertise in this area will be key to the future development of our media, as we all live in an era of video content that is widely consumed on digital platforms. In addition, our new CEO will be based in Sofia, which, together with her strategic thinking and excellent experience in implementing complex and challenging projects, will contribute to the long-term planning and continued growth of the company," said Victoria Boklag, CEO of the United Group.

"I am happy to take the new position and, together with the team of Nova Broadcasting Group, to continue and upgrade the fantastic work, thanks to which we will maintain the leading position of the company in Bulgaria," said Stefana Zdravkova.

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