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The TVN Group helps Ukraine
 27 May 2022
TVN Group has been helping Ukrainians since the outbreak of the war. The initiatives undertaken by the Polish broadcaster include: strategic cooperation with PAH (Polish Humanitarian Action), the charity concert "Together with Ukraine", free broadcasts of Ukrainian news channels and broadcasts of social campaigns for refugees. The TVN Group began extensive cooperation with Polish Humanitarian Action at the beginning of March 2022.

“Warner Bros. Discovery has been involved in both global and local activities. From the beginning of the war, it was clear to us that if we want to help effectively, we must do it wisely and focus on professional, organized and long-term help. As a media concern, we specialize in creating content, not having strictly supportive competences. That is why we decided to join forces with an organization that has been successfully helping on three continents for 30 years, i.e. PAH,” said Jan Mróz, director of the communications and public affairs department at the TVN Group. “The combination of the potential of the media - which can effectively build social commitment - and an organization that knows how to provide help, makes it possible to conduct wide-ranging support activities for war victims and their families,” he commented.

As part of the cooperation with the Polish Humanitarian Action and the TVN Group, 2135 social advertisements were broadcast in 30- and 60-second spots, which in total took over 14 hours of airtime on 10 channels of the broadcaster. The advertising equivalent of PAH's social campaign on the TVN Group's channels has amounted to almost PLN 8.5 million to date.

As part of the cooperation, all funds collected during the concert "Together with Ukraine" organized on March 20 - over PLN 8 million - were donated to the Polish Humanitarian Action. The PAH account was credited with the income from the sale of over 10.000 donation tickets (over PLN 350.000), text messages and payments from viewers (PLN 4.5 million) and funds from the broadcast of a ten-minute charity advertising block before the concert (over PLN 800.000). The concert could be watched by viewers in 50 countries. The Discovery Group also donated PLN 2 million to PAH.

Experts from the organization also regularly appear on TVN. In total, over 200 comments, interviews, live talks and mentions of PAH's activities were published, including over 40 times the experts appeared in programs on TVN24, TVN and TTV. TVN employees and associates also participated in material collections organized by PAH, which were transferred by convoy to seniors' homes in eastern Ukraine.

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