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PITCH&PLAY SERIES+ 2022 presents
 21 Jun 2022
The PITCH&PLAY SERIES+ 2022 screenings continue today with the proposals from Calinos Entertainment, Global Screen and Dori Media. Deeply is a new miniseries produced for Turkey’s leading streaming platform BluTV. Recipes for Love and Murder is an original South African/Scottish co-production based on Sally Andrew's novel Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria Mystery. It premiered this spring on M-Net. Mercy On Us is a brand-new addition to Dori Media’s catalog from Argentina.

Deeply | Calinos Entertainment (https://pitchplay.tv/seriesplus/82)

Genre: Drama/Romance, 8x60'

Deeply is the adventure of Deniz and Barış's unbridled love spanning 10 years. The relationship of two young people who met in their mid-20s and lasted until their late 30’s. A love story is sometimes sunny, sometimes stormy, sometimes possible, and often impossible.

Recipes for Love and Murder | Global Screen (https://pitchplay.tv/seriesplus/83)

Genre: Crime/Drama/Mystery, 10x45'

Maria Purvis is an empathetic, accomplished recipe advice columnist for a smalltown gazette. When Martine, a woman who had written to Maria about her abusive husband, is found dead, Maria joins forces with her local, risk-taking, rookie journalist colleague, Jessie September. Between cooking rich mutton curry, decadent chocolate cake, answering letters and getting in the way of the local policemen, Maria and Jessie are determined to solve this murder mystery and catch the killer. But the killer might be following their traces just as quickly as they are hunting him...

Mercy On Us | Dori Media (https://pitchplay.tv/seriesplus/81)

Genre: Psychological crime drama, 6x30'

In 1990 in a private school a group of students assaulted two classmates, causing a permanent injury. Thirty-three years later Octavio Moro and Lucas Nantes, two policemen of the city, will be responsible of an investigation of a series of murders that involve events from their past and compromises their future.

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