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Film.UA talks about prominent Ukrainian figures who are mistakenly considered Russians
 22 Jun 2022
Film.UA has launched the project Born in Ukraine on YouTube. It talks about Ukrainian cultural and scientific figures who are mistakenly considered Russians. The first episode is dedicated to the writer Nikolai Gogol (Hohol in Ukrainian).

"For centuries, Ukrainian figures have traveled to Russia in search of better opportunities or been forcibly deported to its territory to work for the benefit of 'great Russian culture.' Over time, Ukrainian names began to appear more and more often in the pages of Russian history, although data on their belonging to the Ukrainian nation were often distorted or modestly mentioned only in the line "place of birth." And there are many such cases," the creators of the project said.

Born in Ukraine is a series of 2-minute videos that will help to get acquainted with the greatest achievements of the hero of each issue and learn about his self-identification.

The voice of the project was TV presenter, actor and showman Yuri Horbunov. The episodes will be available on YouTube in Ukrainian and English.

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