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1+1, Film.UA and Yellow Film & TV make The Song of My Life special in Finland
 23 Sep 2022
1+1, Film.UA Group and the Finnish production company Yellow Film & TV are working together on the development of a special episode of the project The Song of My Life. This popular format show has become a real superhit of the Finnish public broadcaster Yle, collecting a viewing share of over 40%. For the first time in the history of the project, the creators of the show offered to make a special episode dedicated to Ukraine in collaboration with the largest Ukrainian media holding and production company.

The program will be opened by the well-known Finnish TV presenter Katja Stol. Kateryna Osadcha will host the entire Ukrainian episode. Among the stars who will take part in the show will be the singer DOROFEEVA, the host of 1+1 Timur Miroshnychenko, the frontman of the band "Antitila" Taras Topolya and the spouses of sportsmen who are national pride - Mykhailo Romanchuk and Maryna Beh. The episode will also feature songs performed by Finnish artists Diandra Flores, Arja Saijonmaa, Kasmir, Irina, Jore Marjaranta, JP Leppäluoto.

According to the rules of the format, four celebrities will talk about a song in their life that has a special meaning for them. For their part, the vocalists - KOLA and LAUD - will perform these songs live, and the guests, after hearing one or another track, will have to guess which song belongs to a particular star participant. The peculiarity of the show is that none of the viewers, not even the host, will know about the choice of stars in advance. The winner is the one who guesses the songs chosen by the stars the most times.

"Songs and stories in the project will be dedicated to Ukraine and the war that is still going on. These songs will inspire millions of people to hope, fight and believe in Ukraine. Now we are doing everything possible so that the voice of Ukraine on the cultural front sounds loudly and unites the whole world around it. This is our mission both as creators and as Ukrainians," say the organizers from 1+1 Media and Film.UA.

"This is a very special project for us, we are all very happy that we can express our support to the Ukrainian people. We hope that The Song of My Life will be able to bring some joy and consolation to Ukrainians in these difficult times thanks to the power of music. I am personally grateful for the implementation of the idea that came to us with Film.UA director Victoria Yarmoshchuk in June in Budapest," commented Anna-Maria Meurman, executive producer of Yellow Film & TV.

It is planned that the Ukrainian version will also be shown in other European countries in order to attract the attention of the world and remind about the courageous resistance of Ukrainians in the war with the Russian Federation. In Ukraine, the episode will be broadcast in November on the TV channel TET, on the online television platform Kyivstar TV, as well as on the Film.UA YouTube channel.

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