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Ukraine seizes the assets of Ivan Savvidis
 13 Feb 2024
The assets of Russian-Greek oligarch Ivan Savvidis and his wife in Ukraine have been seized, following a decision by the country’s High Anti-Corruption Court to uphold charges that Savvidis serves Russia’s military industrial complex.

The case was brought by the Ukrainian justice ministry, with the support of the Anti-Corruption Action Center (ANTAC) NGO. The charge came on the heels of a list released in the summer of 2023 by a think tank called StateWatch, which revealed that Savvidis was among 25 oligarchs supporting Russia, and whose assets had not been confiscated by Ukraine, Kyiv Independent noted.

Savvidis’ assets include a 100% stake of leading meat and sausage packaging company PJSC Pentopak and a 100% stake of its subsidiary, Atlanti-Pak Ukraine.

ANTAC said Savvidis’ wife, Kyriaki, was the nominal owner of a number of companies in Ukraine, although her husband was actually the owner and in charge of operations.

Savvidis has a real time net worth of $1.6 billion, according to Forbes. He is a member of the Russian Duma and seen as an ally of Vladimir Putin. Additionally, he is the founder of Agrocom Group, whose assets include Russian tobacco trader Donskoy Tabak.

In Greece, Savvidis owns the PAOK FC football team in Thessaloniki, the five-star Makedonia Palace hotel in the same city, a company with a controlling stake in the Thessaloniki Port Authority, as well as national TV broadcaster Open TV, among others.

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