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CEE Screenings 2020 presents Divorce in Peace
 20 Oct 2020
Today, we invite you to screen the Estonian dramedy Divorce in Peace. The ETV series became the most-watched local scripted production during the past TV season and has already been adapted in Latvia.

Go to http://pitchplay.tv/ceescreenings/30 for the screening

This is a dramedy about a married couple who have totally grown apart. The businesswoman Laura wants to end her marriage with her husband, music teacher Aksel, after 20 long years. He is a whining conservative, she is a liberal with the soul of an artist. All their convictions seem to be total opposites, they can't find common language even in the most trivial things. Laura takes Aksel to a relationship coach who compiles a humane divorce plan for them consisting of ten missions. Every episode frames the completion of one of the missions. The purpose of the missions is to grow apart painlessly and amicably saying goodbye to their marriage and love.

The series was produced by Kassikuld OÜ, which has produced a number of Estonian drama hits. The scriptwriter Martin Algus has been awarded for his scenarios and Ergo Kuld is the director and producer. The series reached 27-28% share on Friday evening becoming one of the most successful programs in November-December 2019 in Estonia. The second season is in production and will be released in January 2021.

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