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GoQuest Media takes Estonian Traitor to Japan
 17 Nov 2021
Global independent content distributor GoQuest Media announced today that it has struck a deal for the Estonian espionage drama Traitor (6 x 58’) with the leading Japanese broadcaster WOWOW for its Linear TV and On-Demand streaming services.

The award-winning series produced by multi service provider Elisa Estonia and Estonian public broadcaster ERR is written by prize-winning playwright and screenwriter Martin Algus (Best Screenwriter Award at Estonian Film and Television Awards 2019) and directed by Ergo Kuld. The thrilling series stars Tambet Tuisk (The Little Comrade, O2, Zero Point, The Poll Diaries), winner of the Best Actor Award for Traitor at the Estonian Film and Television Awards 2020.

Inspired by recent spy scandals in Estonia, Traitor is a captivating thriller which begins in 2004 just before Estonia joined NATO and became a top target for Russian intelligence. Greed and the need for recognition leads new recruit Alfred Vint (Tambet Tuisk) to cooperate with Russian intelligence, leading to a thrilling cat-and-mouse game with determined young Estonian counter-intelligence officer Marko Arrak (Veiko Porkanen) as they navigate the challenges faced in their personal lives.

Commenting on the deal Chinatsu Otsuki, Acquisition Manager at WOWOW, said: “We are very excited to close the first deal with GoQuest Media. Traitor is a superb spy thriller, and the story is very twisting. Our viewers love to watch ‘rewarding good and punishing evil’. However, we all know that reality is a lot more different from what is portrayed in fictional drama. This Estonian spy drama is very realistic in that way that is inspired by true events”.

Marje Tõemäe, Head of Programs at ERR, said: “We are very happy that stories which are based on our history and connect with our viewers are also relevant for other audiences all over the world. We are thrilled that Traitor with all its twists and turns has found a home with WOWOW”.

Toomas Ili, Head of Content at Elisa Estonia, said, “Traitor is living proof that Estonian-made content is of the highest quality and can make heads turn in other markets across the globe as well”.

Vivek Lath, Managing Director at GoQuest Media, added: “We are delighted that Traitor will make its debut in Asia, and we couldn't have asked for a better launchpad than WOWOW. As Japanese audiences watch the unravelling of a brutal but charming government servant who will betray everyone, including his country, to amass power and wealth, we promise that this compelling spy scandal drama may leave them shaken, but they won't stop watching. Alfred Vint has that effect on you!”

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