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Film.UA sells about 9000 hours of content, helping the army and displaced persons
 05 Aug 2022
Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, Film.UA Group has sold more than 9000 hours of content abroad to raise funds for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and internally displaced persons, Film.UA Group CEO Victoria Yarmoshchuk told Liga.net.

According to her, as a result of Russia's invasion, interest in Ukrainian national content abroad has increased several times.

"We collected a catalog of Ukrainian films related to the war and began to actively offer it for sale. In 2-3 weeks, we managed to sell content worth more than €200.000. The money we collected was transferred to the Armed Forces or humanitarian support for displaced persons. During the 4 months of the full-scale invasion, a total of about 9000 hours of Ukrainian content were sold," Yarmoshchuk said.

Earlier Film.UA Distribution reported that it transferred the money from the sale of the film Cherkasy in the Czech Republic to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The movie was also acquired by the Polish TVP and public channels in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

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