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RTL Hungary will adapt another Croatian hit from Nova TV
 24 Nov 2022
United Media announced yesterday that it has sold the rights to the remake of Croatian hit series Kumovi (Best Men, aka The Godparents) to RTL Hungary. This will be the third adaptation of a Nova TV Croatia fiction format for the Hungarian commercial broadcaster after the adaptations of No Matter What (Dear Heirs) and At the Border (The Godmother).

“The series we have adapted so far have impressed our audience, and that is the most important thing for us. The Best Men series is excellent, produced at a high level, and the content is interesting and dynamic with elements of great humor that our audience likes and recognizes,” said Balazs Szabo, Head of Acquisitions at RTL Hungary.

“Like No Matter What and At the Border, wonderfully adapted in Hungary by RTL, we believe that Best Men will also achieve great results and entertain the audience,” commented Tatjana Pavlović, Director of Sales of Original Content and Coproduction at United Media.

Best Men follows three families who clash in the remote area of Zaglave, and ultimately decide the fate of the place. On one side, there are the newly-rich and newly-arrived Macanis, on the other side are the powerful, established Akrapis, and in the middle are the criminal lords Gotovcis.

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