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Soňa Schwarzová and Hana de Goeij lead ESG initiative CME Cares
 01 Jun 2023
Effective June 1, CME announces that Soňa Schwarzová will assume the role of Chief People and Sustainability Officer and Hana de Goeij will assume the role of CME Head of Production Sustainability & Responsible Content. This new role for Hana de Goeij and the additional responsibility for Soňa Schwarzová were created to support the recent launch of CME’s new ESG strategy, CME Cares.

The CME Cares brand was created in the first quarter of 2023 to exclusively communicate CME's commitment to ESG. At its core, CME Cares defines CME’s commitment to pursuing a lasting positive impact on our communities and societies.

CME recognizes that its reach through its 43 television channels, streaming content, and digital content are powerful platforms that can influence and inspire audiences while shaping new ideas.

In pursuit of its commitment towards sustainability, CME has become a member of UN Global Compact, the world’s leading forum for businesses to contribute to the global sustainability agenda. CME is pleased to join like-minded companies who acknowledge the necessity of immediate action to ensure a prosperous global society for all.

CME Cares is based on four main pillars: Responsible Content Leader, Environmentally Sustainable Producer, Inclusive Teams & Affected Communities, and Ethical Business Practices. Through these four principles, CME is dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion, and societal reflection throughout all aspects of content creation while actively minimizing environmental impacts in content production. CME commits to making informed, inclusive, and impactful decisions on social issues, prioritizing employee engagement and a positive workplace culture, all while ensuring ethical and transparent business practices to protect stakeholders and contribute to creating a sustainable and equitable society.

CME Cares was launched across its six markets in April and May 2023, and while activities might differ from market to market, the core of CME Cares will remain the same and it will become an integral part of CME’s operations, culture, and business practices moving forward.

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