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PITCH&PLAY SERIES+ and ZDF Studios present
 01 Jun 2023
The 2023 edition of PITCH&PLAY SERIES+ kicks off today with three titles from our Official Partner ZDF Studios, headlined by the international blockbuster The Swarm. The Irish thriller Clean Sweep recently celebrated its premiere on RTÉ One, while Dr. Nice is a new romantic medical series from the popular Herzkino brand.

The Swarm

Genre: Thriller, 8x45'

The world’s oceans are exhibiting strange happenings: an ice worm triggering tsunamis; deadly bacteria poisoning drinking water; whales aggressively attacking boats. No reasonable connection, scientists believe there is a sophisticated intelligence retailing against man.

The scientists man a technologically advanced vessel, delving deep within the Arctic Ocean in search of an unknown menace.

Clean Sweep

Genre: Crime, Suspense, 6x52'

Shelly Mohan is a regular mom who juggles the lives and schedules of three children and a husband who is a local detective. It’s a chaotic and mostly thankless life, but one with which she is happy… until a dark secret emerges from her past.

Shelly is confronted by her criminal ex-boyfriend who threatens to expose her identity and destroy her life, so she makes the fatal choice to murder him. She’ll now have to hide her present AND past life, as law enforcement and her husband close in on her.

Dr. Nice

Genre: Love, Romance, 2x90'

A new Herzkino medical series with Ella Schön's creative team about a reconstructive surgeon, who can no longer practice his profession due to a hand injury.

The world of the egocentric Dr. Nice is turned on his head when he learns he has a teenage daughter being raised by two women. Ironically, in a backwater near the Danish border. In the end, Nice becomes the new family doctor in the village.

A series told in a humorous way with modern, dramatically heart-warming medical cases.

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