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Fredrik af Malmborg steps down as CEO of Eccho Rights
 15 Sep 2023
Eccho Rights co-founder Fredrik af Malmborg is stepping down from his role as CEO, with immediate effect. Herbert L. Kloiber, Chairman of the Eccho Rights Board and CEO of Eccho’s mother company Night Train Media, assuming the role on an interim basis as the overall integration of the group continues.

Herbert L. Kloiber commented: "I would like to express our profound gratitude to Fredrik. His vision and determination have been the driving force behind Eccho Rights' reputation and success, particularly in building a vast content catalogue and a trusted brand for Turkish drama series around the world.”

Af Malmborg, alongside business partner Nicola Söderlund, founded Sparks Network in 2004, which would become Eccho Rights in 2012. The distributor now represents more than 7000 hours of international television drama, licensing in excess of 17000 hours annually from its offices in Stockholm, London, Istanbul and Madrid. Night Train Media acquired a majority stake in Eccho Rights in July 2022.

As part of the changes in leadership structure at Eccho Rights, Oskar Malmquist, Head of Business Affairs at Eccho since 2019, has been promoted to the role of Chief Operations Officer.

Kloiber added: "Oskar’s dedication and expertise have been crucial for our company, and I'm confident that in this new role, he'll further enhance our operational efficiencies and drive our cross functional processes forward across the NTM group.”

Also as part of the restructure, Adam Barth, will be joining Night Train Media’s content team, to solidify an already collaborative effort across the NTM group. Barth will now also lead the sales team for English language content under his new title Director of Co-productions and Distribution.

Eccho Rights will be doubling down on our commitment to Turkish drama. Handan Özkubat will continue to lead as Director of Turkish Drama, bringing her invaluable expertise to the forefront.

All distribution activity continues under the Eccho Rights banner, with all Eccho sales executives in unchanged roles.

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