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Paprika's Murderesses top the Polish Netflix in just 48 hours
 08 Dec 2023
Following its successful month on Viaplay, the series Murderesses, developed and produced by Paprika Studios, was recently launched on Netflix in Poland. The series ranked number one in the Polish Netflix top charts in just 48 hours. This makes it one of the most successful debuts of all time on Netflix Poland, Paprika Studios notes.

The story of the 6-part crime thriller series was inspired by the book by Katarzyna Blonda, Poland's most successful author.

The series revolves around the mysterious disappearance of a high-ranking police officer. The case is investigated by his daughter, who hopes that solving the case will not only ease her guilty conscience, but also help her move up in the police hierarchy. The young woman is determined to find her missing father, who had a difficult relationship with her, and to find out what happened to him at all costs - even if she has to break legal and moral laws to do so. As she investigates the past, she not only has to come to terms with her own past and the memory of her father, but also with the extensive network of corruption that she uncovers.

The production is directed by Kristoffer Rus, who is also head of Paprika Studios Poland. The producers of the series are Kristoffer Rus and Ákos Erdős, CEO of the Budapest-based company.

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