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Eccho Rights starts selling Skai drama 8 Words
 14 Jan 2021
International distributor Eccho Rights has entered an agreement with leading Greek broadcaster Skai, to represent the hit drama series 8 Words on the international market. The series launched as part of Eccho Rights line-up for next week's NATPE Virtual Miami.

Produced by Make It Productions, 8 Words has been a great hit on Skai TV since launching in the summer of 2019. Running daily, the series consistently ranked as the number one show in primetime during its first season and the second has continued this trend with a great reception during the current season, the distributor notes.

“This is a very exciting new title that we can’t wait to share with the world. A long running series, with passionate romance, family struggles, and a thrilling criminal intrigue, it has all the ingredients that we look for when seeking international success,” says Fredrik af Malmborg, Managing Director at Eccho Rights.

“Eccho Rights has a great reputation in the international marketplace with long-running drama series, and we are very happy to contribute the first Greek title in their catalog,” adds Louis Xenopoulos, Program Director at Skai TV.

8 Words (S1: 224 x 45 minutes; S2: ongoing) is the story of Odysseas, a free spirited, passionate artist, and his brother Michael, an ambitious and ruthless politician. The two are caught in a love triangle after Michael marries Iliana, the woman Odysseas is madly in love with. Yet family infighting is only a part of the spiraling web of secrets, lies and conspiracies that all started with eight words, uttered long ago…

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