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Nielsen acquires 100% of Nielsen Admosphere
 13 Jan 2022
Nielsen has acquired the remaining 49% stake in Nielsen Admosphere, which resulted in the transfer of the full ownership of the companies in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Slovakia to Nielsen. The 49% share until now was held by the Admopshere Group, owned by Tereza Šimečková and Michal Jordan.

Both will remain in the leadership of the Nielsen Admosphere. They will lead teams in all three countries and will work closely with regional and global offices, the company said. It added that this was the culmination of the mutual cooperation, which began in 2014 with a partnership with the Nielsen Group to jointly provide measurement solutions in these countries.

"Over the past seven years, we have worked closely together and used local and global experience to bring you the best solutions in the industry. The Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Slovakia remain countries of European strategic importance for Nielsen, and the current transaction thus reaffirms our commitment to invest in the development of our activities in Central Europe," said Tereza Šimečková .

Nielsen acquired more than 51% in the then Mediaresearch company in 2014. As of June 1, 2015, Mediaresearch was renamed to Nielsen Admopshere in connection with this entry.

The company Nielsen Admopshere provided on the Czech market, TV audience measurement, participates in radio audience measurement, monitoring of advertising, provides marketing research and opinion polls and various analyses.

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