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YouTube launches educational channel for Ukrainian kids
 22 Jun 2022
YouTube has launched the online learning platform, which brings together a variety of channels and organizes a variety of educational video tutorials.

"Russia's invasion of Ukraine will have a long-term impact on education, as millions of people have been forced to flee their homes and many educational institutions in Ukraine have been damaged or destroyed. In order to make it easier for Ukrainian high school students to find content on the Internet that will help them learn, we have gathered educational content in Ukrainian, including science, mathematics, history, etc., in one place on YouTube. We hope that this educational platform will help Ukrainian students to continue their studies," Google Ukraine said.

The educational platform contains video content relevant to the Ukrainian high school curriculum, which covers a wide range of subjects, including Ukrainian literature and language, physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, history, etc. The platform also focuses on foreign languages, including English, French, Italian and Spanish. This section outlines lessons even for preschoolers.

In the "Settings" on YouTube, users can set their country of residence "Ukraine" or select the Ukrainian language.

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