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PITCH&PLAY SERIES+ 2022 presents
 23 Jun 2022
The PITCH&PLAY SERIES+ 2022 screenings wrap up today with the proposals from Banijay, GoQuest and Caracol. The Curse premiered this spring on Channel 4 in the UK. Secrets of the Grapevine is among the biggest Serbian hits in recent years and In the Shadows is a brand-new proposal from Colombia.

The Curse | Banijay Rights (https://pitchplay.tv/seriesplus/98)

Genre: Comedy, 6x30'

The Curse is a crime caper set in London in the early eighties, following a gang of feckless small-time crooks who get accidentally embroiled in one of the biggest gold heists in the world, ever. The Curse is written by the combined multi-BAFTA winning talents of Tom Davis and director James De Frond (Murder In Successville, King Gary), and Allan Mustafa, Steve Stamp and Hugo Chegwin (People Just Do Nothing) who also star alongside Davis as the calamitous cockney clowns. This is a working-class escapist comedy with broad appeal, mixing original character creations and hilarious set pieces

Secrets of the Grapevine | GoQuest Media (https://pitchplay.tv/seriesplus/93)

Genre: Drama, 72x50'

Awarded the ‘Most Viewed Series’ of 2021 at the 11th International Drama and Series festival in Belgrade, Secrets of the Grapevine is an intimate romantic saga that follows the incredible story of two wine-making families- the Tomovics and the Smiljanics. Replete with romance, devastating secrets, long-lost love and heartbreak, shots from the series exudes the beautiful, rural landscapes of the border areas of Serbia. Season 1 of the series averaged a 31% share of TV-watching households during its run across 36 episodes from Jan-Feb, 2021.

In the Shadows | Caracol

Genre: Thriller, Action, Suspense, 60x60'

In the Shadows is the story of Julia and Magdalena, members of an elite group that strives to solve the most perplexing crimes in record time. They both have very different lives. Julia lives happily with her husband and son, and Magdalena searches for her stepfather, who abused her when she was a child. Julia's personal life takes a turn upon the return of Iván, a well-known criminalistics expert who was the love of her life years before and who abandoned her for some unknown reason.

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